Designing and Debugging Web Layouts With CSS Regions

The adoption of CSS Regions is definitely moving along swiftly.  They are now supported in Mobile Safari on iOS7, Opera, Chrome Canary, Chrome Stable & WebKit nightly. Browser support continues to evolve and can be tracked here. CSS Regions allow you to define content that can “flow” through a series … Continue reading

Clip Paths & Blending Demos Updated for Mobile, Supported on iOS7

The recent release of iOS7 brings many new exciting features to mobile Safari.  I’m going to be writing about this in more details shortly. In the meantime, I’ve updated my CSS Clip Paths and Canvas Blend mode demos to support touch events so you can try them out for yourself … Continue reading

Announcing gradientmaps.js

I’ve just released gradientmaps.js on Github. You can use this library to apply gradient maps to any HTML content using SVG filters. You can find all the details on the Adobe Web Platform team blog: The library makes use of SVG filters. As indicated on this table of browser … Continue reading

Twitter Bootstrap typeahead.js with underscore.js Templating – A Tutorial

In a previous post, I described how to use the Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead component. The Twitter Bootstrap team recently announced however that they would be switching to Twitter’s typeahead.js for the next major release. That sounds pretty great to me.  typeahead.js is much more powerful than the current Twitter Bootstrap … Continue reading