WebKit, and Filters, and Shaders! Oh, my!

CSS Shaders are a new and relatively easy way to bring cinematic effects to the web.  You can find out all about them on the ADC, on the Adobe & HTML site or you can read the actual W3 draft proposal. While there are many articles out there showing how to use shaders, actually building your own custom shader is another story. That’s what we’re going to do here. Continue reading

JavaScript and ActionScript Data Visualization Libaries & Toolkits

Andy Trice recently forwarded me this link: http://selection.datavisualization.ch/#, a great site which showcases the current state of many visualization toolkits & frameworks.  Upon investigation though, it looks like this is a mix of JavaScript & ActionScript libraries, applications for creation of data visualizations and generic helper tools.  Navigating through the list seemed a tricky for the average developer.  As well, there was a bunch of libraries I knew about that I didn’t see listed.  It seemed to me like it would be useful to recreate this list based not on whether I’m trying to create a map or chart for example, but rather based on development restrictions.  If you’re building an HTML/JS application, ActionScript libraries are not very helpful.  Likewise, if you’re building a Flash application, a JavaScript  toolkit may or may not be helpful.

The list will obviously change as new libaries are developed and old ones go by the wayside.  I’m sure I’ve missed off a few as well and so I apologize in advance.  Let me know and I’ll update as I can.  I will try to keep this up to date, but you know how these things go…

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Reflecting on Adobe Edge Inspect

Normally when I’m presenting and want to show some functionality on a mobile device, I use an IPEVO Point  2 View USB camera to display the device in a window on my laptop.  The IPEVO is inexpensive and works very nicely.  Greg Wilson was telling me earlier about Reflection and I subsequently fell down a very deep rabbit hole.  This nice little app uses AirPlay mirroring on your iPhone or iPad to mirror multiple devices onto your Mac.  Combine it with Edge Inspect and things start to get very interesting.

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