JavaScript and ActionScript Data Visualization Libaries & Toolkits

Andy Trice recently forwarded me this link:, a great site which showcases the current state of many visualization toolkits & frameworks.  Upon investigation though, it looks like this is a mix of JavaScript & ActionScript libraries, applications for creation of data visualizations and generic helper tools.  Navigating through the list seemed a tricky for the average developer.  As well, there was a bunch of libraries I knew about that I didn’t see listed.  It seemed to me like it would be useful to recreate this list based not on whether I’m trying to create a map or chart for example, but rather based on development restrictions.  If you’re building an HTML/JS application, ActionScript libraries are not very helpful.  Likewise, if you’re building a Flash application, a JavaScript  toolkit may or may not be helpful.

The list will obviously change as new libaries are developed and old ones go by the wayside.  I’m sure I’ve missed off a few as well and so I apologize in advance.  Let me know and I’ll update as I can.  I will try to keep this up to date, but you know how these things go…

Before we go into the list though, first, I highly recommend taking a look at Andy Trice’s post: Data Visualization with Web Standards

It’s a beautiful article describing how you can build compelling data visualizations using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Libaries for JavaScript Development

Libraries for Flash Development

  • amCharts – (Commercial) Flex & Flash charts & maps
  • Axiis – (MIT) Flex-based data visualization framework
  • Degrafa – (MIT) Declarative graphics framework, based on Flex 2/3
  • Flare – (BSD) Data visualization library
  • ILOG Elixir – (Commercial) Flex Data Visualization
  • Kap Lab – (Commercial) Flex data visualization components
  • Modest Maps – (BSD) Tile-based maps
  • See my previous post on Flex mapping options for additional mapping options

Applications and Development Environments (Web & Desktop)

  • ColorBrewer – Maps color scheme chooser
  • Data Wrangler – Data cleaning & transformation
  • GeoCommons – Tools & community to visualize GeoCommons datasets
  • Gephi – Graph visualization platform
  • Goolge Fusion Tables – Host, manage, collaborate on, visualize and publish data sets
  • Google Refine – Data cleaning & transformation
  • Impure/Quadrigram – Visual programming language for data visualization
  • Many Eyes – Web application to publish & share data sets, create and share data visualizations
  • MapBox – Full stack for creating, sharing & visualizing maps
  • Mr. Data Converter – Web app that converts Excel data to web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON & XML
  • NodeBox – Generative art through procedural graphics
  • Prefuse – Create rich data visualization with Java
  • Processing – Programming language & environment for creating images, animations & interactions
  • R – Software environment for statistical computing and graphical techniques
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One Response to JavaScript and ActionScript Data Visualization Libaries & Toolkits

  1. Rich Morey says:

    As far as Actionscript/Flex based data visualiazation frameworks – Axiis, Degrafa and Flare have not had any new development / updates in 2+ years and therefore appear to all be dead projects.

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