Apache Flex 4.8 Arrives!

Slightly modified photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Wow!  What a huge milestone for the Apache Flex community.  The legal trials and tribulations are over.  The code transfers are complete.  The votes are in, and the Apache Flex community has truly come together to produce the first official release of Apache Flex, Apache Flex 4.8.0-incubating.

You can find the official announcement here.  The announcement includes all the details you need to get started with the release.

I don’t think anyone anticipated how much work would be involved getting us to this point, but we’re finally here.  Kudos to everyone involved in the process.

As those of you following this know, the Apache Flex podling is still in the incubating stage.  However, having an official release is a huge milestone on the road to a top level Apache project.  A lot has been learned along the way.  Fortunately, future releases won’t have the same legal overhead to go through so should go much smoother.

Now don’t expect anything new and fancy out of this release.  The major goal of this was to produce a parity release with Adobe Flex 4.6.  Many folks have bug fixes and features that they’re dying to put into Apache Flex, but held off for now, to ensure that no new problems were introduced into the code during this initial release.

I urge you all to try it out, and get involved with the community.  If something’s not to your liking, well then just go fix it!

Now the fun begins…