Adobe Assigns Flex Trademark to Apache

Yet another good checkpoint for the Apache Flex project. As I’ve mentioned earlier, getting Adobe Flex fully contributed to Apache involved quite a bit of legal footwork; much more I imagine than anyone imagined, other than legal itself perhaps. From an outsider’s standpoint is easy to wonder what could be so difficult? Just zip up the code and send it over. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy.

Apache FlexAdobe & Apache have struck a deal whereby Adobe has assigned the Flex trademark, the use of the name Flex, to the Apache Software Foundation. Adobe still has the right to use the name, so you’ll still see Adobe reference Adobe Flex and whatnot, but now the ASF is free and clear to use the name however it wishes. You can find information on the ASF’s Flex trademark here, which indicates that the ASF holds the trademark for Apache Flex, Flex and the Apache Flex logo.

The Apache Flex podling is still in incubation the stage, but this is definitely another major blocker checked off the list on the path to becoming a top level Apache project.

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