CSS FilterLab Detailed Walkthrough

I’ve created a video below as a detailed walkthrough of the Adobe CSS FilterLab, from installation, to configuring & developing custom shaders, to collaborating with others on filter development. Before FilterLab, I used to describe custom shader development as essentially ‘programming in the dark’. No debug statements, no tracing, no nothing. Now you can visually interact with your shader and see realtime errors.  That’s a huge leap forward.

If you have any interest in CSS Custom Filters, using or developing them, I couldn’t recommend FilterLab more.

I’ve included here 2 detailed walk-throughs of FilterLab.  The first dives right in to using the tool.  The second is a bit longer and outlines how you can install FilterLab locally if you don’t want to use it off html.adobe.com site.


And now with installation directions…


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  2. Hi folks, I’ve created an experiment using CSS filters and Google maps. Demo: http://iweb.uz/azik/interactive-globe-with-css-shaders-and-google-maps/

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