Adobe TechLive is Live!

logo-HDWebinars are boring.  Nobody enjoys just sitting in front of a computer listening to somebody trying to sell you something.  But you can’t always attend conferences, user groups or meetups for that live experience.  To address that need, Adobe has recently launched Adobe TechLive.

Adobe developer evangelists, product managers, dev team members and more will be joining in Adobe Connect sessions, talking and answering your questions about mobile and Web application development and design.

Check out the calendar to see what we have lined up for December & January.  Admittedly, the schedule is a little sparse right now as we’re just getting this off the ground, but stay tuned as we’ll be expanding that pretty soon.


For starters, if you haven’t been able to attend any of the Create the Web Tour events in person, join us on December 20th from 1pm – 4pm EST.  Details can be found here.  We’ve posted a detailed schedule of what we’ll be talking about so you can drop in and out of the conversation as needed.

You definitely want to for announcements of new sessions as they get scheduled, if you want to provide any feedback or suggestions for talks.

As well, we’ve setup a Facebook page for announcements and discussions.

Come join the party!

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