Speaking @ Adobe MAX

MAX11_125x125_SPEAKER_greyI’m going to be speaking again at Adobe MAX this year.  The conference is being held in Los Angeles from May 4-8.  It should be a total hoot.  The Black Keys are even playing at the big bash!

And, in case you haven’t heard, all attendees get a free year membership to Creative Cloud.

Tuesday, May 7th:

11AM – 12PM – SVG Reboot
This will be a beginner’s introduction to SVG and will give those of you that know about SVG an insight into how it’s moving forward and where it’s going.

Wednesday, May 8th:

11AM – 12PM – Go Beyond the Canvas Box to Create Your Own Cinematic Effects
This will be a talk on CSS Filters and Shaders.

1:30PM – 3PM – Creating Special Effects for Your Web Content with CSS Filters and Shaders
This one will also be on CSS Filters and Shaders, but in this case you don’t sit back and listen.  Instead, bring your own laptop and be prepared to get down and dirty creating your own amazing Web effects as I guide you through it all.  I’m pretty psyched to see what people come up with here.

So, if you haven’t already, register for MAX now and come join this amazing conference.

Use the registration code MXSM13 for a $300 discount off the registration price.

Oh, and if you register off my blog, I’ll buy you a beer.


Hello Tokyo! Testing 1…2…3…

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 1.19.52 PM

I’ve talked about Test the Web Forward before and why everyone should get involved.  The next Test the Web Forward event is going to be at the Google office in Tokyo. So come on out and meet members of the Japanese Web community and experts from all over the world for a weekend of learning, coding, food, drinks and fun.

Help make a more interoperable & better Web!

Here’s the event and here’s how to register.