I am a Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist at Adobe, where I focus on Web standards, and Web & mobile application design & development. Prior to joining Adobe, I designed and built many large Web-based semantic data integration systems for organizations such as NATO, Airbus and State Street Bank. I was the VP of Engineering and Semantic Technologies at Metatomix and have patents associated with that work. Earlier, I led a team of developers at Microsoft in the development of animation technologies released with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. I also co-founded Anyware Fast, a 3D graphics software consulting firm which was acquired by Dimension X and subsequently acquired by Microsoft. You can reach me on Twitter at @agreenblatt.

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  1. Jeff Fox says:

    Alan, thank you for presenting at Club Ajax. You did a fine job with a rough crowd.
    I am excited to see Adobe contributing to the future of webkit, phonegap, and other open source projects.
    I would love to see you back at Club Ajax with new stuff in the future.


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