Hey, You Got Your Web Platform Docs in my Brackets!

bracketsI was recently talking to Adam Lehman, product manager for Brackets, about ways I could potentially help contribute to the product, perhaps by writing an extension or two.  I wanted to learn how to write a Brackets extension, but I also wanted my efforts to go into something people would find useful, something of real value.

It turned out, the timing of our meeting was perfect.

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Reflecting on Adobe Edge Inspect

Normally when I’m presenting and want to show some functionality on a mobile device, I use an IPEVO Point  2 View USB camera to display the device in a window on my laptop.  The IPEVO is inexpensive and works very nicely.  Greg Wilson was telling me earlier about Reflection and I subsequently fell down a very deep rabbit hole.  This nice little app uses AirPlay mirroring on your iPhone or iPad to mirror multiple devices onto your Mac.  Combine it with Edge Inspect and things start to get very interesting.

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