Offline Viewing of YouTube Videos

Lately we’ve been starting to create an Adobe TechLive YouTube channel so people can view the recordings for the various TechLive sessions. You can find that channel here:

Sometimes though, you want to watch a YouTube video offline, perhaps while you’re sitting on a train with spotty Wifi coverage.  There’s a service I came across that lets you download files from all kinds of services, including YouTube: ( also works)

What’s nice is if you simply append the link to the YouTube video after, it will take you to a page that will let you download that specific video.  For example, Christophe Coenraets recently did a TechLive session on architecting a real-world PhoneGap application. You can find the recording here:

 If you want to download that recording for offline viewing though, you simply need to go here:

Pretty slick.

Adobe TechLive is Live!

logo-HDWebinars are boring.  Nobody enjoys just sitting in front of a computer listening to somebody trying to sell you something.  But you can’t always attend conferences, user groups or meetups for that live experience.  To address that need, Adobe has recently launched Adobe TechLive.

Adobe developer evangelists, product managers, dev team members and more will be joining in Adobe Connect sessions, talking and answering your questions about mobile and Web application development and design.

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